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Christianity- oh dear 

82 deviants said Everyone should convert to Christianity so their souls may be ''saved''; Jesus is the ONLY way.
69 deviants said No matter what God you believe in, we are all human beings....genetically and spiritually.
13 deviants said I don't care, religion sucks.
10 deviants said I am an atheist, I do not believe in the possibility of a Creator.
8 deviants said What is the purpose of this poll?
5 deviants said Those who worship more than one God are worshipping demons and are really interacting with evil spirits or with Satan there is little difference between Hindusim, Buddhism, Satasnism, Wicca, Neopaganism, etc.
3 deviants said If you are not Christian, you are a non-human, your faith is a serious error, and as a non-Christian you cannot experience human emotions because you do not have a soul.
1 deviant said Christianity is the dominant religion; it is superior-- other religions are inferior and ''evil''.



((I apologise. I came back and a lot crazy shit went down, two of my very good friends are upset so I have to settle some friend drama.

This month is too crazy. So I won't be coming back here awhile. I know I promised don't care about this account anymore, I have friends to take care of. Sorry if you're waiting to get something from me but yeah. I ain't going to be around for the next few days, maybe for the next month or so. We'll see.

Peace out homies.))
We're So Bad by AsktheSonofaShepherd
We're So Bad
((Artist: ...And silent she stood with not a word on her breath but her cherished laughter...

...And him? ''A fool I am,'' he said...

From no particular story, I just made it up on the spot. Ahem.

As promised, the Abbi/Rolf picture...switching clothes. Becoming a trend around here. Inspi and I talked about this ages ago, I thought it was a good time to finally finish and post it.

Yeah. I don't think Rolf wears her clothes too well, he looks like a dork. Abbi, on the other end, is just a peach~

And yes, if you read my most recent journal, expect another update of questions by the end of November. I'm up to my neck with gifts I owe to people on my main account so that's why this account is going to be running slower than usual.

Abbi © :iconmissinspirational:))

((This account is going to be moving slower than usual. Surprise surprise, no?

I'll at least try to get one question up per month. This month I almost didn't, granted that I have plenty to do on my main account, still. Lots of art I owe to people, also I've just been busy in general with things I'd rather not discuss (although it's probably apparent that my head has been wrapped up in the world these days. *cough*immigrationreform*cough*). *Ahem*

Therefore, expect more questions later in November. I don't know exactly when, but more will be coming at the end of this month.

Likewise, I do offer my sincerest apologies for not being around lately. I know I don't reply to comments anymore, but thank you all for the intelligent conversations. I guess I'll see you guys later this month if nothing comes up.

-Asante Chowdhurry))
Question 44 by AsktheSonofaShepherd
Question 44

((Artist: Question asked by :iconvillnium:

Story here:


Didn’t know if I wanted to post this or not.

I actually just randomly doodled Rolf one day (this drawing is actually 10...12 months old though?) and didn't know what to use it for… these days I'm trying to post less EEnE art on my main account, so if I do randomly doodle an EEnE piece, I'll mostly post it on here. So if you're wondering what relevance a crying Rolf with a big baggy sweater that's falling off of him has anything to do with failing English class, it doesn't. The picture is really not related to the question at all, but I didn't want to put it on my main account, and I needed a sad Rolf drawing for the question, so I just used this old drawing and coloured it. I didn't feel like drawing a new picture, or a comic strip, so random crying Rolf is random.


Well, actually, it's not totally random. He DOES get a little emotional with this question… OK not a little. Maybe a lot. Like most stories on here, this also happens to be a true story and brought back many sad momeries. I do remember running out of class and crying in the bathroom. And I do remember crying for an hour on the bus. Heh.


Despite the kinda…silly ''monkey'' dialogue…um… it was a really tough struggle for me. English did not come naturally to me, and I did make myself sick trying to study it and perfect it. You may think Rolf is being a Drama Queen, per usual…but this was a really agonising internal struggle for me; it wasn't because I didn't understand the material, it was mostly because I had too many disabilities to overcome— reading and writing being one of them. My mom has dyslexia, so though I was never tested for it, I found out the reason for my difficulties in my early education was mostly due to an impediment of sorts. I cried a lot those first two years of my primary education and lost a lot of sleep. I wasn't eating, constantly stressed, never stopped studying…did extra homework... it felt like all the work never paid off. No matter how hard I worked, my grades never reflected it. I literally worked myself to death. At one point, my body's immune system shut down and I developed a lot of skin conditions due to stress. Tutors were of little help. I went through so many of them. My father, though fluent in English, was a busy man. He wouldn't retire from the Air Force till a little later. Then along came a wonderful tool called Rosetta Stone. It wasn't a happily-ever-after, it took a lot of hard work and dedication, plus the program is darn expensive, and even after that I'm still not perfect, but…yeah…looking back on how much I struggled with this language, it's really just hard to fathom that I'm almost fluent now. Hard to imagine I even majored in English come University. Something that brought me so much pain before ended up being my passion. Kinda like Patricia Polacco. :) (She struggled with dyslexia and ended up becoming a children's book author. Goes to show, nothing is impossible, eh?)

Oh, for the last time, I write Rolf’s voice in ‘’loose’’ English on purpose. So yes I’m aware of the constant switching back and forth between passive-active voice, disagreement with present tense and past tense, missing prepositions, wrong verbs, wrong conjugations, incorrect vocabulary, phrases and sentences not making sense, spelling/punctuation errors, blah blah blah. I do it on purpose. These were points I used to struggle with (hence why I posted my old English on here, look in the gallery to refresh your memories, my English used to be atrocious). So much like The Color Purple or For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide, I write Rolf’s narrative in poor English on purpose. It’s not too ‘’broken’’ (I hate that word), but the errors are obvious enough. The point of writing is to get into character. So if it bothers you, I apologise. But the purpose would be lost otherwise.


Umm… the sweater though… :iconmissinspirational: and I talked for a long time about drawing Abbi and Rolf switching clothes. Rolf has already switched clothes with Nazz and Kimmie, and everyone seems to enjoy it, since he looks ridiculous in women's garments, so it caught on as a running gag for Rolf to try on the girl's outfits, particularly OC's. Inspi said we should do a trade-off drawing. She was going to do her own version of Abbi wearing Rolf's clothes and I was going to do my half of Rolf wearing Abbi's clothes. I did this way back when…17 November, 2013 … to be exact, at the same time I did this drawing of a crying Abbi…


Yeah if you notice something different, this is when Abbi's sweater was still a purpleish-blue with a light blue collar. So this was meant to be Abbi's sweater but since I'm practically all out of light blue Copics, I had to use orange, hence you get this weird orange collar. So it ended up not being Abbi's sweater after all, and I also figured Rolf being depressed while wearing Abbi's sweater totally killed the purpose of a cute Trading Outfits drawing. So anyways, Inspi and I are working on another one, and hopefully, I'll be able to post the new version sometime. Also….Rolf's hair….kinda purple. I'm out of blues. Totally out of blues. I'd like to do more traditional questions, except I barely have any colours left~ So yeah the next few questions will definitely be digital due to lack of supplies. I was trying to do more traditional ones, although it doesn't take less time, I just have limited computer time so that's why. But if you like my digital art more, there will be more of that.

Umm….this is related:


Teachers expect less from students of colour (This was too true for me in Japan. A lot of my Senseis either discriminated against me or had less faith in my academic abilities, often ignoring me or assuming me I didn't know the language or passed me off as an imbecile. I did get a D- in one of my classes because of a lot of these reasons listed; dropped the class and switched over to another Sensei and I got an A):…))



((So a new Edd has finally joined us ---> :iconaskeddthesockhead:

She just got started. Watch her if you like and try to welcome her~))
((I apologise. I came back and a lot crazy shit went down, two of my very good friends are upset so I have to settle some friend drama.

This month is too crazy. So I won't be coming back here awhile. I know I promised don't care about this account anymore, I have friends to take care of. Sorry if you're waiting to get something from me but yeah. I ain't going to be around for the next few days, maybe for the next month or so. We'll see.

Peace out homies.))

Journal History


((For those not aware, this is an :star:ASK ACCOUNT:star: meaning I am Roleplaying and taking questions as a
fictional character from the beloved children's cartoon Ed Edd n' Eddy. OBVIOUSLY my name is NOT Rolf,
my REAL name is Asante Chowhurry. I thought I would clear this up since some people actually think Rolf is real. =__=

:star: Artist's Main Account---> :iconqueen-asante:))

 photo tumblr_n0jjl6UxHj1rtj0dko1_500_zps9e9fba58.gif


Check them out, they draw the best Kevin fanart ever~))

 photo tumblr_mb5b1hYspk1r8ru56o1_500_zps2166047e.gif

Hullo! Rolf's good friend :iconaskeddtheastute: (well, tutor be more accurate) asked Rolf to do this and although
Rolf reluctant at first, he finally agree, yes. He still try to catch up with ent-er-nets sub-culture culture
(or however Edd boy say) and the like but even Rolf is getting pulled into the modern world, so to speak.

A turnip for your thoughts? Rolf is not currently open for questions. He will be soon!

Friends from the humble neighbourhood:

:iconaskeddtheastute: :iconaskedthegreat: :iconaskthegreateddy-dini: :iconaskkev: :iconaskgogonazzgirl: :iconaskboyjimmy: :iconaskjonnythewoodboy: :iconaskplank: :iconaskmaykanker: :iconaskkimmie: :iconasklilmissroxie: :iconadele-hertz: :iconaskkate: :iconaskryata: :iconaskcoolmanjoseph:
:iconaskabbigail: :iconask-cactus-girl-bess: :iconqueries-4-ivana: :iconask-the-edgar: :iconaskalternatedoubled:

Friends Rolf lost:



:iconqueen-asante: :iconask---emma: :iconasklittlesissarah:


:iconask-lee-kanker: :iconask-marie-kanker:

Foreigner Friends:

:iconcrippled-glass-wings: from India

:iconqueen-asante: from India (lives in Japan)

:iconhentai-lover-18: from Sweden

:iconadele-hertz: from Austria

Other Close Friends:

:iconsarahfina-rose: :icongabisakura: :iconbirchyed: :iconspiderlondon: :iconpearl-sanchez:

(( :star:Artist's Main Account---> :iconqueen-asante:))

:star: Icon credit---> :iconqueen-asante::

((Artist: The video below is me singing as Rolf in Punjabi lyrics with Hindi words, a song called ''Pani Da Rang'' from the
2012 Bollywood romantic comedy movie Vicky Donor. This was for Question 1 asked by :iconhentai-lover-18: askthesonofashepherd.deviantar…
My first audio recording and also when I was still developing Rolf's singing voice.
He was never intended to be a ''good'' singer, hence why ''his'' early cover songs were unbearable.
I intended his voice to sound like a screeching alley guess somewhere down the line
his voice started to mesh more into mine. So I dunno, it's not even really ''Rolf'' singing anymore.
There was a huge leap in his singing voice when I performed Cry Baby by Janis Joplin
for :iconaskthegreateddy-dini: (see below), and ever since then, that's the singing voice
that kinda stuck.))

((Artist: A dare from someone for Rolf to sing Beyonce's ''HALO''.))

((Artist: A gift for all the Ask Accounts. This song is called ''Tune Mere Jaana'' from the Emptiness Album,
originally written and performed by Rohan Rathore.))

((Artist: Rolf sings ''Cry Baby'' by Janis Joplin for :iconaskthegreateddy-dini:.))

((Artist: Original song written and performed by me as Rolf for :iconaskgogonazzgirl: and :iconask-eddys-bro:))

((Artist: Rolf sings another Rock/Blues song, a cover called ''See Me'' by Katya Blue.))

((Artist: Rolf sings another Katya Blue cover called ''I Know Better''. This song reminds me of Marie
:iconaskblunettekanker:... let's see if I piss anyone off with the MarieXNazz art.))

((Artist: Rolf sings ''I Will Always Love You'' for :iconaskeddtheastute: ))

((Artist: For a special friend. ))

((Artist: Original song I wrote and performed in Rolf's language, my own made up language called Selenfødtkaår. ))

((Artist: ''My Body is a Cage'' in support of the Fast For Families movement.))

Fast For Families:

((Artist: For Question 25 asked by :iconmelika-wolf: askthesonofashepherd.deviantar… ))

((Artist: Rolf Audio Test for Question 35 asked by :iconbeansiesleigh:. askthesonofashepherd.deviantar… ))

((Artist: I performed a skit of ''I Know Where I've Been'' from the Broadway musical Hairspray for Hokusei
Gakuen University's Hokkaido University Theatre company with my friends. We performed this together during
Japan's 2014 May Day Rally in Support of Immigration Reform and Worker's Rights. I played the part of Motormouth
Maybelle while my friend Yuki played the lead role of Tracy Turnblad. I felt the struggles were relevant to this account.))

((More terrible singing on my channel.))



:bulletgreen: How to Ask a Question and Where:

:bulletred: You may ask more than one question, but two is the limit. I cannot allow more than that because
I have a limited amount of slots to fill (to prevent an overload, I can only take a certain amount of questions).
If you wish to ask two questions, I will answer them in the same drawing.

:bulletred: Rolf, unlike the other Asks, does NOT accept a payment method. He's very strong against charity
or hand-outs, he's a tough little noodle that works for his own earnings. And Rolf to me does not strike me as
the type to ask for gifts, when he's an ISFJ, a Caregiver, who would rather give than receive. So no payment
necessary, questions are free of charge.

:bulletred: All my questions must be asked on the comment section of the profile page, it makes it easier for me
to keep track of. Please DO NOT ask questions in the journals or deviations, they will be ignored.

:bulletgreen:Basic Rules for Questions::bulletgreen:

:bulletred: This should be common sense, but PLEASE no inappropriate or sexual-related questions. I've gotten
a few in the past which I had to politely decline. Sexual questions would be asking Rolf to strip for you, asking
him to wear something that is not very concealing, Rule 34, or something similar. Eh, no that's child pornography.
Also nothing like asking Rolf to do something involving drugs or drug usage. This includes alcohol beverages
and smoking (maybe it's a stereotype for European teenagers to drink under age but please no drug abuse
beyond cultural practices). In a nutshell, please keep Questions G-rated, this is a kid's show. Thank you.

:bulletred: I have the right to decline questions which I feel are too personal to answer, or perhaps I
just don't want to answer it.

:bulletred: I tend to avoid creepy pasta or the Purgatory Theory questions, so if you ask Rolf to read a
creepy pasta or what he thinks of the Purgatory Theory chances are I will decline you. Everyone knows
about the Purgatory Theory, it's stale bread. And I kinda don't like when people link me to things and
ask Rolf what he thinks of it. Because usually I get weird links to trashy stuff, so I avoid giving my opinions
on links. Links may include music videos, fanfiction, fanart, websites, news feeds, etc. You CAN send Rolf a link,
but please try not to link me to weird stuff like…. Britney Spears or something along those lines. Ebony
tortures me enough with all the weird YouTube videos she makes me watch, it's quite a culture shock.
So yeah, no sexual music videos and….I normally don't have time to read fanfiction. If you link me to
fanart, make sure it's not slash….people in the past have thought I would find it funny to link me to
Rolf/Edd slash….frankly I was not amused. So avoid that at all costs. So yeah, you can send links,
just make sure it's not anything that will give me a heart attack. I will not read fanfiction links though,
I don't really read fanfiction, I have enough text books to read for university, sorry. But if you have
an online novel you'd like to share, fine by me, I love to read novels. (Rolf may not understand it though,
keep in mind this is Ask Rolf so only send him things he can comprehend.) Oh you can link me to movie
trailers, I like watching movie trailers, just make sure it's not R-rated, because I tend to share the links
with the question and some of my watchers are underage. Be considerate of other people and try to
aim for things All Ages can watch. (Unless it's Quentin Tarantino cuz I'm a huge fan of his~)

:bulletred: I'm allowing song requests to qualify as questions. I've gotten a lot of song requests from some
watchers, so I decided if you want to hear a favourite song of yours being sung by Rolf's horrible voice,
then you may make a request for shiz and giggles (and it can be the most stupidest, silliest song, a
watcher of mine asked him to sing ''Barbie Girl''so I don't think it can get worse than that lmfao).
Just please don't pick inappropriate songs with curse words.

:bulletred: And once more, please no questions about slash. I have nothing against it but I wish not to
stir a big debate between my watchers and make people uncomfortable who don't support it, plus I
have to keep this account accurate to canon.

:bulletred: Also questions are first come, first serve. You miss the session, tough. I have a certain
amount of slots to fill, and they go quickly, and I can't take more than a few at a time, then I
become overloaded. If you miss the session by a HAIR, then there's always two extra slots open just in case.
But this is not for people coming in an hour late, otherwise it wouldn't be fair to everyone else.
Please don't abuse the rule. The two extra slots are just for people who BARELY missed the session.

That's all I can think of for now. I won't repeat my rules to those who violate them. I will just kindly
direct you to this and make you read it. If you have questions, comments, concerns, please let me know.))

:star: *Ahem* I'm also enforcing a new rule :star::



 photo tumblr_mp7rxcTHuI1rby04wo1_1280_zps5d2e2762.gif

 photo DontAskDontTell25_zpsea3e37a2.png


:bulletgreen:DON'T ASK DON'T TELL:

:bulletred: Yes. I am enforcing a Don't Ask Don't Tell Policy. What does this mean?
You ask about it I won't explain it anymore, simple as that. If you ask any more questions about Rolf's
sexual preferences (particularly if he likes Edd romantically) I will flash you the fig. In other words,
I will not speak about it anymore. You may think what you want, but I'm done defending my position.

:bulletgreen: NO MORE ROLF/EDD:

:bulletred: Do not joke about it, do not link me to fanart/fanfiction, etc. I really don't care if
you ship it outside Ask Land but seriously, I AM sick of the misinterpretations and the immaturity
so please do not bring it up anymore.

If you can't respect my cultural differences, you never will, so just leave it outside. Don't bring it on my page.
Think before you speak.


:bulletred: This is what upsets me the most. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse who
actually WAS involved in a child pornography ring, I am very against this issue. Please
NEVER EVER EVER link me to slash art in any way shape or form that involves children
having sex for adult entertainment. Slash does not bother me. Child pornography does.
Please respect that. Never joke about it or show me links to works containing child
pornography in any way, shape, or form. I will not block you but I will kindly direct you to my rules.

:bulletorange: If you repeat one of the above offenses one time, I will forgive you.
Second time, I will direct you here. Third time, I will automatically block you. Third time is unforgiveable.

:bulletorange: Seriously, especially for those who have been watching me for awhile,
there's no excuse to not obey simple little rules. You know what gets under my skin,
and yet people continue to violate these rules because they think they're being ''funny''
or ''cute''. Well after while I do not find these offenses amusing in the slightest,
you will have to forgive my rudeness. Sorry not sorry.

:bulletorange: English is not my first language. There's no excuse to not read everything here,
it's not here for my health. It's here so you know which rules to not violate. If you can't read, tough.
My House, my Rules.))



:iconmadfaceplz: Whatever you do.....




 photo tumblr_m8bchmFXcU1r9ojyuo1_500_zpsa0b1905c.jpg

:star: *Ahem* I'm also enforcing a new rule :star::



 photo tumblr_mp7rxcTHuI1rby04wo1_1280_zps5d2e2762.gif

-Asante Chowdhurry, A.K.A. :star::iconqueen-asante::star:, Admin of Ask Rolf))


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hey i'm sorry those people were being shitlords to you, it really hurts to not have your race and religion respected
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Although too early for Valentine's.))
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