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Question 32 by AsktheSonofaShepherd Question 32 by AsktheSonofaShepherd
Dare insult or shame the Sun? Answer to Rolf's Scales of No Mercy.


((Edd-boy says nothing because this is Ask Rolf, not Ask Edd.

''Knitted foot bag'' is Dani's saying, not mine. :iconestivalequinox: gets all the credit.

I actually just took Rolf's answer directly from this question, was too lazy to think of anything else…

I actually posted the sketch of the first drawing on FB to see how many people I could trick, because after I finished the sketch I was rather shocked by the similarities myself. Apparently, three people who saw the uncoloured drawing thought it was Edd. It wasn't until I pointed out the obvious differences that they realized it was actually Rolf dressed like Edd. When the drawing was uncoloured, it was really hard to tell. Mission accomplished.  XD

Aside, I do get tired of the constant Edd's hat theories. I'm actually one of the people who does support the Long Hair or Mullet Theory. It seems utterly ridiculous to me. I also think Ed and Eddy's reactions to seeing Edd without his hat on a number of occasions was exaggerated for dramatic effect. But I truly think there's nothing actually shocking to see. It's a flippin' hat. What's under there? His head. Duh. It seems like the only thing people care about is what's under his hat. Honestly, who cares? A hat's a hat, doesn't mean he's hiding anything. People might as well ask why you always wear jeans. Jeans are jeans, you wear them because they're pants, end of the story. No one said you were hiding anything by wearing articles of clothing. Yes, us humans are rather funny, for we feel the need to conceal the natural bodies God gave us. But we do this as a civilized statement, not because we're hiding skeletons in our closet.

People feel the burning desire to explain everything, put a name to every face, I suppose it's the natural way our minds work. So people cooked up some illogical or bizarre ''explanations'' to Edd's hat. But I say after so long, fans should leave the matter at rest. For if we knew everything, Edd would not be a mystery or the jigsaw puzzle we long to solve. If we found all the pieces, there would be nothing left to explore. Where's the fun in that? I'd rather be kept guessing, left in the dark. What's under his hat will always be ambiguous, save for witnesses like Ed and Eddy.

So yeah, I don't really question why Edd always wears a hat. Kevin always wears a hat too but no one questions him (probably because we know what's under there, but still).  I don't think it really matters ''what's'' under Edd's hat, if there's anything there at all which I highly doubt.  It won't change his character if we know the ''truth'' (or will it?). But no, little things like that don't matter in the measure of a person. It's just what I think. Whether he's ''hiding'' something or not, Edd will always be Edd. Apples are apples, oranges are oranges. It's just a minor detail that doesn't count.))
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Ask-Double-D Featured By Owner May 12, 2014
:)Well thank you Rolf that's very kind of you to say.
ARTLUVR38 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2014  Student Writer
Hey, ROLF!!

I dare you to kiss Freya!! >:)
AsktheSonofaShepherd Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2014
O///O Mm. No thank you, the Son of a Shepherd must decline your offer to steal the breath away of my fine violet sheep friend. Go away. Come again another day.
ARTLUVR38 Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2014  Student Writer
You got it, Rolf, Son of a Shepard :)


I hope you can reply soon, my Old Country friend.
AsktheSonofaShepherd Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2014
Yes, very soon. Sooner than bovine rain-showers. Now off with you, on the Devil!
NickIDK Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014
Another amazing work from the Queen! :clap:
JDNight Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014  Student Filmographer
(I feel like characters concealing something about their appearances is a really interesting trend found in a lot of 90s cartoons (Miss Bellum's face in PPG, Cow and Chicken's parents only being shown from the waist down in Cow and Chicken), and yet fans make huge deals about what's being ''hidden.'' Although, unlike EEnE, Miss Bellum's face was eventually shown for like 2 seconds in the PPG finale and in the pilot of Cow and Chicken, the camera pulls back to reveal that Mom and Dad literally have no upper bodies. But still. Like other have noted, I highly doubt Edd is hiding anything new and revealing under there. He's self-conscious about a dreadful haircut, who knows?

Asides, I love the sketchiness of the art this time around.)
strick1011 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014
You have a big heart~
Ask-Lee-Kanker Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2014
Haha that'll be the day! :rofl:
Hammy-the-Hamster Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2014
Cute. <3
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